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सन् 2003देखि सिक्किमको पहिलो नेपाली वेब


हिमाली राज्यलाई पूर्वमा भुटान, नेपाल, चीन र

पश्चिम बंगालले घेरेको छ।यसको जम्मा क्षेत्रफल 7,096 वर्गकिलोमिटर छ।

सन् 2001 को जनगणना अनुसार यहाँ जम्मा 5,40493 जनसंख्या रहेको छ।

You can send your feedback,

comments, write up, release etc. to us by





Some Selected Comments and Feedback


I am Raj Kumar Dahal. Actually I am from raley, Sikkim.I really like your website. I usually see  other websites too but the news and the style of your website is really nice. The other websites do rarely give such coverage with news and picture  that I need to see  about Sikkim Only your site can help me to read all the things that i want and to see photos too. I am staying in Japan.

-Raj Kumar Dahal


  --I got your address through the web and the news of Bhauju’s death has shocked me and my family. I felt a great loss when I heard the news of missing an amicable friend. I saw her photos and details which had me reminiscing about the past. Anyway, I would like to offer my deepest condolences for your loss.

You are doing a great job by publishing the ‘himgiri’. Through your web, I saw glimpses of Sikkim.

Kamala  Khaptwali, Hong Kong.


Firstly I am very happy to see  our Nepali daily getting so popular..........I am really very grateful and thankful to the himgiri family........

I am very much concerned about the recent ongoing issues related to a tiny land of gorkhas..........I just want to convey this that the issue related for the separate land or as "Gorkhaland " should be dealt with proper guidance keeping in view the Nepali speaking population settled in masses across india . This is just a view of an Nepali youth born and brought up in Indian state............I don't want to hurt any sentiments of my Nepali speaking brothers settled in the tiny beautiful hill of Darjeeling.-

Jeewan Pradhan (Through E-mail)


Dear Sir,

    We are indeed very happy to learn that you have launched  your HIMGIRI on the web site. HURRAY!

    We'll surely encourage the local people to see you paper and we are very much sure that they'll greatly benefit from it, for they can not

get the papers easily.

    Thanking you sir.

    Yours sincerely,

    Tika Rai,    Sujata Gurung  (CIC Operator)

    Chakung, West Sikkim.


 I am the instant viewer of your site and found lots of information about Sikkim and there caste , culture and about present life.   Thanking you,  

 with regards,

 Pawan hang,Yamacybe

Thanks for news and photos update on activities of Sikkim. I am pleased to see the photos of activities of Sikkim Sai Seva Sangathan. Keep it up. --            

-Sarad Pradhan,Media Consultant

Nepal Tourism Board,Tourist Service Center

Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu, Nepal


Myself Bhola Nath Dahal Presently Working in Pune based C-DAC ( CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT OF ADVANCE COMPUTING. I have gone through the Website of your daily newspaper  (Himgiri) it seems to be very interesting and informative to get in touch with the latest news from our hilly region. It is really laudable and appreciable. Please keep it up. all the best from my side and I am always ready to help  you if it is required.

Bhola Nath Dahal

C-DAC, ACTS .12 ,Thube

Park Near Sancheti Hospital

Shivajinagar Pune - 411005

Maharashtra (India)


I am really very sorry to read your great loss. I have settled in England but do still read the Sikkim News in the internet. I read Kamala Bhauju’s biography in online news today (9th July 07). I still remember bhauju’s cheering face and her great smile. She was a perfect lady, a great writer, an amicable social worker and a friend.It was really nice to hear that you have established "KAMALA AASHU SMRITI PRATISHTHAN"  in her tribute and to preserve her works. I do hope that you would work hard to keep it going in her memory and especially for all Nepali women in India. I wish you good luck and please do accept my heartfelt sympathy. May bhauju’s soul rest in peace.

With kind regards

 Munna Walker

(Nee Pradhan)England


Dear Sir,

  I appreciate your pioneering efforts. I read all the headlines of local newspapers of Sikkim and news on Himgiri web at the time when I am far away from my homeland and keep myself update about the events that are going on there. I do hope that you will further develop the web so that it will be more informative and useful to all of us including to the visiting tourists in the beautiful State Sikkim.. Congrats for your noble work.

Ajay, presently in USA


Himgiri on the web gives the information about tourism of Sikkim  too. This is really a good work. Please do regular update with latest photos and information.

-Oscar D. Ville, Shillong, Meghalaya




I have recently started to read your paper. I was particularly interested in your Amdo Golai landslide news bulletin. I was worried, because my family live on top of Amdo Golai.However looking at your photographs I realized that the landslide occurred on the other side of pani zhora. I was relieved. I would like to congratulate  you for excellent photo gallery. Your paper is excellent and interesting to read.

Best wishes

Usha Parashar, Blue yonder, U.K.


I am Jiwan Chettri doing my post graduate from Ben Guiron University, Israel. I am resident of Pakyong, East Sikim. I really appreciate your great piece of work. I was not knowing about this website, I was just browsing and came across your site. Picture galleries are good and please keep updating the recent events. So that we (people who stay away from motherland) can know the news from our homeland.

Wish you all the best for your future works.



Albart Katz International School For Desert Studies

Ben Gurion University of the Negev,Sede Boquer Campus


Dear Sir,

.Well it's kind of pleasure to have such a great website that too  in own Nepali language (script).

I am surfing the site twice a day...hope in future we shall get more coverage.

Thank you once again.


ATTC/CCCT-Govt. of Sikkim



Dear Sir,

I am very glad to know about your news website in Nepali which is from Sikkim. I check it and found  the site very useful and with latest information. It is the forward step towards development and usefulness of Information Technology.

We appreciate your effort.

with regards

Gita Nath Koirala

Incharge CIC Temi

South Sikkim


Dear Mr. Bantawa, 

 I am happy to visit your website, it's a great effort. My hearty congratulations and best wishes in your online venture.

(Mrs. Pushpa Pandeya)

President, IFSMN, New Delhi.


 It’s really nice to see the Nepali local news in website, even though I am away from right now but it give us immense pleasure to have such things online. I feel that it looks much better to minimize the homepage and have photos in separate links and the main headlines to be marquee….. the front size of the headlines can be minimized. 

Thanks & Regards

-Dichan Lepcha, Software Engineer,Mumbai


I congratulate you on your commendable job in putting recent and well classified information  to the web page for the readers in Sikkim and to those in other parts of the world.  This is the only source I could find to read about Sikkim.

While, as I understand, Sikkim seems to be passing through a tormenting situation. It is likely we are still with a very slow pace towards preserving our nature, culture and identity. 

Good luck for your effort. 

Sincerely yours,

 Ghanashyam Sharma from Japan


I had visited your website this morning and to be honest I am very much impressed with your website .Pl keep it up.

My regards and a very happy new year.



Namaskar I got opportunities to read "Himgiri" online news. We appreciate of all collective efforts of Bandhus who loves our cultures, protect our cultures and helps to transfer our cultures generation to generation. I hope we want to share and maintained our friendship / relationship locally as well globally to protect our cultures. We also need to show our culture how great it is and how old/ancient it is. Any way many thanks again.

 My Name is Shiva Kumar Rai from eastern part (Bhojpur) of Nepal presently PhD student in SNHU-USA and Board of Director of Kirat Rai Association of America (KRSA). Sincerely , ---Shiva Rai,   USA


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